These 35mm Film Overlays and Textures are scans of damaged film slides and negatives

high Resolution scans – 323 files – 2.5GB

Deteriorations made on old useless 35mm negatives and film slides. All kinds of cool experiments were done like scratching , beating up and bleaching the film. This is great material that could be used for giving a cool trashy aesthetic to your creative work.


35mm Film Overlays and Textures

35mm Film Overlays and Textures35mm Film Overlays and Textures35mm Film Overlays and Textures


35mm slides and negatives are photographic film formats used for capturing and storing images. Slides are positive film images mounted in small frames, while negatives are the opposite – they contain inverted colors and are used to create prints. Both formats were commonly used in the past by amateur and professional photographers, and can be scanned and digitized for use in modern digital media.

A 35mm grunge overlay for a still photo is an image layer that is placed on top of the photo to give it a vintage, distressed, or gritty look. It is often used to add texture and character to an image, and can be a great way to give a photo a more unique and artistic feel. The grunge overlay is typically created from a photograph of an old film negative, and can include scratches, dust, and other imperfections that are associated with older film photography.


Experiment with blend modes – Multiply, Lighten, Screen, Overlay, Soft Light and others
Adjust brightness, contrast, opacity, color, speed and other additional settings to fit your desired look
Composite a single element or create complex looks by combining multiple elements
Stack them, scale them, crop them, cut them, distort them and reposition them
Get creative and play with the assets.

The stock video used for our demos are generally taken from Pexels or Artgrid and the music often comes from White Bat Audio or the Youtube audio library. Contact us for any questions.