Authentic VHS effects for your video projects.

Analog textures, glitches, tape decay, noise and other elements.

  • 750+ files
  • 69 minutes of footage
  • ProRes HD
  • 23GB



VHS rainbow artefacts over video footage.

These effects usually show up when the VHS tape starts playing. For this demo, the blend mode applied was “linear light”.

Rewind, pause, tracking, sparkles and decay effects.

Most of the overlays used for this video work great with the “lighten” or “screen” blend modes.

These colourful glitches occur when quickly pressing the rewind button on the VCR.

These Overlays work great if applied on darker footage. The recommended blend modes are “lighten” or “screen”.

VHS overlays used in a cyberpunk video concept.

the files applied are essentially black surface effects. The recommended blend modes for these files are “lighten” and “screen”.

VHS textures are applied to give the feel of a retro prison surveillance camera.

The files used were light and midtone VHS textures and the blend mode applied was “linear light”.

A more absurd concept where the effects are acting as an experimental video backdrop

Black and white VHS glitches.

They work great if applied on darker footage. The recommended blend modes are “lighten” or “screen”.

Textures applied over a DIY gore fest.

Do not watch if you dont like grotesque bloody horror.

Some cool looking coloured VHS glitches.

The recommended blend modes are “lighten” and “screen”.

Red, green, blue VHS textures & glitches.

They can make great flashy transition effects.

Vintage copyright warnings, Colour bars , auto setup display and mini DV tape display.

A bunch of nice analog TV noise effects.

Use as backrounds or transitions.

Some of the colourful rewind glitch effects included in this collection
VHS effects


These VHS effects are perfect for documentaries, music videos, promo videos, motion design and more.



  • Place the element on top of your footage in the timeline
  • Try different blend modes to see how they affect the appearance of the element – some examples are Multiply, Lighten, Screen, Overlay, and Soft Light
  • Fine-tune the settings of the element to match your preference – you can change the brightness, contrast, opacity, color, speed and more
  • You can also manipulate the elements by resizing them, cropping them, cutting them, distorting them and moving them around
  • Have fun and experiment with different combinations of elements.



Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve and most other Editing Programs

All VHS effects categories are sorted in separated folders

VHS Effects are good for helping you…
• Simulate the bad 80’s look
• Trash up your music video
• Give an edge to a sport video
• Create a nice aesthetic to a motion graphic work
• Make some cool transitions between frames on any project
• Use the bad effects as graphic tools for experimental art videos

How it was made
We got ourselves an old VCR in a pawn shop and we experimented with used vintage VHS tapes to create as many effects as possible. We also played around with noise from old analog televisions to get some more interesting material. The original VHS format is square, so we tweaked the effects just enough so they fit in a HD rectangle format.

Use of the VHS Overlays
Some glitches or other effects may be better to use as overlays. Especially the ones with light glitches on black background and the ones with dark glitches on white background. For the black background files, apply the “lighten” or the “screen” blending mode. For the white background files, apply the “darken” or the “multiply” blending mode.

The Legal Stuff
These VHS Effects are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. By downloading, you agree not to sell or redistribute these video files. For more details visit the terms and conditions page.

The stock video used for our demos are generally taken from Pexels or Artgrid and the music often comes from White Bat Audio or the Youtube audio library. Contact us for any questions.