Here you will find some useful free old film effects for your video projects.

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Free Film Grain Overlay – Super 8mm Effect

A beautiful super 8 film grain overlay effect with a sprocket hole on the left side. This will give a great film look to your footage. This effect works good with the “lighten” or “screen” blend modes.

Download here

Super 8 film burns – 4K

They are often called film burns, but in fact they actually are light leaks. This is an experiment that was done with a super 8 camera and a roll of Kodak VISION3 50D. The goal was here to create the best looking light leaks possible.

Download Free Sample

Free 16mm film grunge Effect

This cool effect is an HD scan of scratched and painted 16mm film. It can become a useful tool if you are working on a concept that is asking for some sort of punk or metal aesthetic.

Download here

Free grunge texture overlay

A nice animated paper texture to help you give a cool grunge effect to your video creation. It’s a great piece to get if you want to go to a darker concept. The overlay effects works great with the “lighten” and “screen” blend modes.

Download here

Free 16mm film effect – vintage film leader

A very short, but pretty nice piece of a 16mm film leader. It can be used as a quick transition effect or overlay effect. It’s also a teaser so we can convince you of the superior scan quality of our premium paid bundles.

Download here

Free psychedelic drive-in intermission on 16mm Film

Similar to what we’ve seen in the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse Movies “Death Proof” and “Planet Terror”. From Authentic Vintage 16mm Film – Apple Prores Proxy, 720p

Download here

Free 16mm Film with dust and dirt – Still Texture Image

Download here

Free Paper Texture (Evil Baby Included)

Download here

Free Poster Mockups

20 amazing trashy VHS 80’s style poster templates

Download here

free old film effects


Also on this page : Very affordable high quality film overlays and textures for video editing. Damaged 35mm effect, 16mm grunge effects and also bad tv analog effects.

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