These free film overlays and effects are transparent 16mm film leaders with traces of Sharpie ink..

Ink on film overlays are a type of visual effect used in video editing. It is ink being applied to film, creating a unique and stylized appearance. This effect can be used to add a sense of texture, depth, and visual interest to footage. Ink on film overlays can be applied to various types of video projects, including music videos, commercials, and films.

  • A great way to give style to your video projects.
  • 18 video files
  • ProRes, Full HD
  • 2.5GB


Just so you know

16mm film is a motion picture film format that was introduced in the 1920s as a cheaper alternative to 35mm film. It is commonly used for non-theatrical (industrial, educational) films, independent and art-house productions, and for television production. 16mm film is smaller in size compared to 35mm film, but it still produces high-quality images and has a unique look that many filmmakers find appealing.

The stock video used for our demos are generally taken from Pexels or Artgrid and the music often comes from White Bat Audio or the Youtube audio library. Contact us for any questions.

free film overlays & effects