SUPER 8 & 16MM

A great variety of film elements. This is a merging of all our first generation film products. This film effects package contains wonderful assets to use as overlays, transitions or design elements. 36 minutes of footage / 21GB / ProRes video files / HD 1080P

  • Film Burns, 16mm (22 files)
  • Film Leaders, 8mm, 16mm (10 original scans + 56 edited cuts)
  • Film Frames, 8mm, 16mm (26 files)
  • Film Damage, Dirt, Dust, Scratches, 8mm, 16mm (50 files)
  • Super 8mm Light leaks and Flash Frames (23 files)
  • Bleached film textures, 16mm (14 files)

A link with access to a drive folder will be sent to you right after purchase.

$ 20.00

Demo showing the super 8 light leaks and some other elements included in this package

Here’s a montage made with the 16mm film burn effects (also included in this package)

This is footage of authentic 16mm film burning in a projector. For this particular product we actually burned real 16mm film into a vintage film projector. These awesome 16mm film burn effects could be useful for your grindhouse film but it could also be great in any other creative projects.

Take a look at the film dirt and scratch effects (also included)

This collection gives you the ability to create a variety of looks and styles depending on which elements you use and how you conceive. These old film dirt, dust and scratches can be used as overlays, backgrounds or transitions.

See how the film dirt and scratch effects can be used as overlays

Take a look at the super 8 and 16mm film leaders included in this package

See how the bleached film effects are applied as overlays


Whether you are going for historic looks, trashy aesthetics or hipster vintage vibes, these old film effects will surely get the job done. They are perfect for documentaries, music videos, promo videos, motion design and more.



Drag and drop the element into your timeline over your footage
Experiment with blend modes – Multiply, Lighten, Screen, Overlay, Soft Light and others
Adjust brightness, contrast, opacity, color, speed and other additional settings to fit your desired look
Composite a single element or create complex looks by combining multiple elements
Stack them, scale them, crop them, cut them, distort them and reposition them
Get creative and play with the assets



Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve and most other Editing Programs

old film effectsold film effectsold film effectsold film effects

Super 8 mm film burns/light leaks

Super 8 and 16mm film frames

Super 8 and 16mm dirt, dust and scratches

Authentic vintage 16mm film leaders and countdowns

16mm bleached film textures

The stock video used for our demos are generally taken from Pexels or Artgrid and the music often comes from White Bat Audio or the Youtube audio library. Contact us for any questions.