Authentic super 8 film grain textures. Each file has a different subtlety in terms of tint and coarseness. They were shot on different surfaces under different lighting conditions with different types of films (KODAK 50D, 200T and 500T). This collection will surely be a great way for you to make your video look like it was shot on film.

  • 82 film grain files 16/9
  • 36 files of frame with sprocket hole in 16/9
  • 48 files of frame with sprocket hole in 4/3
  • 30 minutes of footage, 20GB /
  • ProRes video files, HD 1080P


Video showing the SUPER 8MM FILM GRAIN variations…

See the FILM GRAIN OVERLAYS in action…

super 8 film grain


These Super 8 Film Grain Overlays are quicktime video files. They will work with any popular video editing software offering the blend mode feature. Drop the film grain file of your choice in the timeline, place it over your footage and experiment with the blend modes. Depending on the clip that you choose, some blend modes will work better than others. The “Overlay” and “Soft light” modes are the ones that most often work, but interesting experiments can be done with other modes like “Multiply”, “Darken”, “Screen” or “Lighten”.

To achieve a certain desired look, you could also need to tweak the film grain by adjusting functions like opacity, brightness, contrast, levels, curves, saturation and sharpen. Sometimes, adding more than one layer of grain over your footage can bring some superior richness to the image. To extend the length of the effect, simply loop it by copying and pasting it along your timeline.

Super 8mm film grain overlays files

super 8 film grain

Super 8mm film frames with grain files – 16/9

super 8 film grain

Super 8mm film frames with grain files – 4/3


We created these amazing film grain overlays by shooting with super 8 cameras on black, white and coloured cardboard papers. This experiment involved using different types of Kodak film stock (50D, 250D and 500T) under various light conditions. The result is a wide range of tints, coarsenesses and texture subtleties. Once the filming was completed, the super 8 cartridges were sent to a professional lab for processing and then the film footage was digitized on a high res telecine scanner. The result of all this hard labour is now at your doorstep.

Super 8 Film Grain is a unique texture that can upgrade the production value of your work by giving it a nostalgic charm. When manipulating our super 8 files correctly, you can actually give the impression that your video was shot on real film.

Digital video is clean and convenient, but it sometimes looks a little bit plastic and sterile. Video makers sometimes want to give their footage the depth, warmth and personality that only film can give. There is just something about the mood, the vibe and the feel of film.

We all love the look of film, but shooting a project with Super 8 equipment can surely become a long, arduous, unpredictable and costly process. Here at Film Looks, we offer tools that will help video makers bring their vision to life at low cost and with little time spending. What we offer is a large assortment of super 8mm film grain variations. They were captured with real film cameras using real film stock. This collection of film overlays is a wonderful tool that will help video editors fulfilling their aesthetic needs.



Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve and most other Editing Programs

The stock video used for our demos are generally taken from Pexels or Artgrid and the music often comes from White Bat Audio or the Youtube audio library. Contact us for any questions.