Film Grain, Film Look, Light Leaks, Dirt, Scratches, Overlays, Vintage Effect, Old Film, Film Burn, Super 8mm, Grindhouse Effect

Dirt and Scratches Collection

REGULAR: 34.95$
These are high quality scans of authentic film. This luxurious collection is a must have if you love vintage effects. These clips can be used as overlays or as simple stock footage as well. This is a wonderful tool to go wild, explore and make some great art.


Super 8 Film Grain Collection

REGULAR: 19.95$
This luxurious collection is a must have if you love vintage subtlety. The film grain files are footage of colored surfaces shot with super 8 vintage cameras under different light exposures. The result is a variety of amazing textures and tints. You just overlay one or few of these clips over your footage using composite modes, brightness/contrast, transparencies…


Bleached Film Collection

REGULAR: 19.95$
The Bleached Film files are the result of a very bad manipulation of film during processing. These very beautiful photochemical artefacts could be used in cool looking music videos, skateboarding movies or experimental art films. Play around with composite modes on different layers, try out some keying techniques, just go wild with it, experiment, make some art.


Film Burn Collection

REGULAR: 15.00$
Remember the old days when people were watching movies on old projectors and once in a while the film was getting stuck and the light was so hot that the film started to melt and burn? This great footage of burning 16mm could be used in your grindhouse film but it could also be of great use in any other creative projects.


Film Leaders Collection

REGULAR: 19.95$
These are film scans of authentic countdowns and other kinds of leaders. What you would usually find on the internet are cheap imitations created with motion graphic softwares but this is the real thing. Most of them probably made the drive-ins in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, so you’re buying film history.

MORE INFO has the most interesting collection of authentic film scans you will ever find on the Internet. You are a digital artist, an indie filmmaker, a motion designer or a video editor and you are looking for a great way to give that super cool film look to your masterpiece. Well, you’re just at the right place.

We have the greatest 1080p HD scans of artefacts on celluloid such as 16mm grain, super 8mm grain, dirt and scratches, deteriorations, film burns, light leaks, flash frames, splices and beautiful photo chemical reactions due to bad processing. We also offer some superb footage of old countdowns, head and tail leaders, and artistically colored film.

Our clips were originally created from film that was shot with super 8mm and 16mm vintage cameras and that film was then processed in a surviving film laboratory. Some of the film got intentionally beat up, and then, everything got digitized with a high-res telecine scanner. The Quicktime files (Most of them are Apple Pro Res) will work on any decent video editing or compositing software such as Final cut pro, Adobe after effects, Adobe premiere or Avid media composer.

If you plan to use some of our files as filters, just place them in your timeline over your footage, and play around with chroma keys or apply a composite mode such as overlay or screen. You can also do some tweaking with the levels and the opacity until you get the desired feel you are looking for. Soon, there will be a great amount of tutorials available for free on the site. Just so you can discover some amazing ways to use our products.